I create radiant nature themed acrylic paintings that energise with their vibrancy and harmonise the environment.

The work may speak to your heart and soul; it may allow you to reminisce about the past or recall a wonderful place you visited.

It may even assist in opening up to grace and the oneness of life.

As a sensitive, sensory soul I connect with colour vibrations and patterns. Communicating from this zone, my work flows and ideas manifest; images, symbols and visions can stay with me for months, even years arising again and again, until I realise I simply have to draw or paint them. Once I get into the creative flow, it’s an all consuming and wonderful experience where time does not exist and there is only the joy of being in the moment.

Themes for my work are environmental, botanical, birds, marine life, landscapes and abstract patterns.

Mediums I use are acrylics, textures, inks and charcoal.

Tools include: brushes, palette knives and water spray.


Artists Work I Admire:

Amanda Krantz, Ben Quilty, De Gillett, Pamela Honeyfield, Sylvia Ditchburn, Angela Moulton, Vladimir Volegov, John William Waterhouse………to name just a few.


Ask me about commissions – I would love to create a painting that you can cherish and enjoy forever.




Julie lives in Lota on the bayside of Brisbane, Queensland and for the past 4 years has been totally immersing in the practice of painting.
Born in Clare, South Australia and lived on Kangaroo Island as a child, being there instilled a love of the ocean and an appreciation for nature’s wild pristine beauty. A few years ago she decided to listen to the artist within and follow an instinctive yearning to paint big bright canvas’s and is delighted to be finally honouring her deepest calling.

Self taught creator from an early age
2014-2016 – Arts Tree, Wynnum, painting & life drawing

©Julie Schofield, Island Coast Colours, Acrylic 122 x 61cm