Port Willy Scene Stealer


We can be on a blissful beach walk, enjoying the sights and sounds, then like a magnet our active minds become attracted to something that was built by humans.
A friend, while looking at my early underpainting & sketches commented “is that your Stonehenge?!”…he has never been to Port Willunga, on the Fleurieu Peninsula and seen the remains of the old jetty, the weathered pylons left standing in the shoreline. It made me laugh and then wonder about how we are drawn to structures made in the past. Relics from early white settlers Many of my ancestors would have walked here, some from the 1850’s, would have walked on the original jetty.

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Port Willy Scene Stealer

Original acrylic painting on high quality stretched canvas, sealed with gloss varnish
Medium: acrylic and texture
45.5 (H) x 91cm (W) 4cm (D)