Golden Beauties


One day while sitting in the studio, looking out into the backyard and wondering what to paint next I noticed the stunning golden torch helicona flower waving to me at the open window.
Honestly it may as well been saying “Look at Moi!” “Look at Moi!” Suddenly awoken from my daydream, I thought: Noice! Yes ok! I can paint you!
Botanical name is Heliconia psittacorum x spathocircinata, commonly known as ‘Golden Torch’ and as I’ve found; if you allow them to run rampant they happily spread out into the garden and start peaking into the windows.

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Golden Beauties

Original acrylic painting on high quality stretched canvas, sealed with gloss varnish
Medium: acrylic and texture
55 (H) x 110 (W) 3.5cm (D)